Child Custody Investigation

Contact us today for help with your Child custody investigation case. We want to help get your child back to where they belong.
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Infidelity Investigation

Are you afraid your spouse is cheating on you? Contact us today and we can help you determine for sure. Don’t wait, call us today.
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Adoption Investigation

Do you need help with your adoption? Do you feel like something went wrong but you are not sure? Contact us today for help.
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Civil Litigation Support

Need help with your civil litigation case? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you resolve these matters.
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Fraud Investigation

Do you suspect someone of fraud? Do you feel like you were taken advantage of? Contact us now for help with fraud cases.
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Asset and Debtor Search

Do you need help with your asset and debtor search? We specialize in finding these items and resolving these issues.
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Criminal Defense Support

Contact us today to learn how we can provide criminal defense support services for your case.
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Process Service

We specialize in process service. Hire us today to make sure your notice of legal action gets taken care of correctly.
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Background Investigation

Unsure about someone and want to know more about their past? We can help. Contact us today for background investigations.
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